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Legacy Film At Its Finest

Archival-Quality Family Biography | Red Carpet-Style Service for High-End Clients

Influence Future Generations

You could have a powerful impact on future generations you didn’t even know would exist!

Experience Your Past Again

I help you uncover the dust from your memories and make them shine.

Preserve Your Memories

Your videos will be safe and sound on a storage drive so your family can watch them 50 years from now – like looking at old photographs!

Legacy Film

4K / ALL-I

High-end camera optimized for 4K video.


Optional service add-ons ensure you get exactly what you need.

Digital Storage

Storage solutions so you don’t have to worry about losing the video.

An Experience Like No Other!

Document your memories for your grandchildren and beyond.

What You Receive

Below are some of the features of the base package – Contact us for more details.

60-Min. Archival Video

One edited, sixty-minute film that will serve as the main video for your family archive.

Video For Social Media

From the main film, we will produce a 10- to 15-minute video that you can share on your favorite social media.

Original Recordings

Included on the hard drive will be all original, unedited, ungraded recordings, giving you the flexibility to edit a whole new film long into the future.

Incorporate Your Photos

We will incorporate up to 20 photographs from your family archive in the 60-minute video.


Animated or static text

Your legacy film can have static or animated text as the editor deems appropriate to the content.

B-ROLL Video For Interest

Depending on the project, we will record supplemental video or use video from online sights to add to the main, archival film.

Let’s Talk

Although I’m technically a techie and love technology, I’m a bit old fashioned and prefer meeting on the phone first. If you want a Zoom link, please let me know!