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We ask important questions: What is your pain point, and how will we relieve it to bring value to your brand?

Combining Artistic Sensibility with Professional Video 

With a keen eye inspired by Latin art and culture, Ramón Bannister brings your stories to life that you can then broadcast on social media where they will be seen by the very people you want to attract. Using advanced yet affordable equipment that suits the requirements of small to medium-sized businesses, Giraffe Video Production makes you stand out. Whether you are looking for multiple, short clips emphasizing your brand, a two-minute video clip that showcases your business, or an elaborate client testimonial, we make you shine.

My Story

I got my start as a production assistant for PBS affiliate KUAT-TV in Tucson, Arizona. There I learned the high expectations and high stakes of broadcast video production. Years later, I worked as a contractor at a Fortune 500 company in Waltham, Massachusetts. I excelled at producing high-quality videos for various departments in record time and under budget. People were amazed at my storytelling capabilities. But when I found out that the company paid an outside firm $4,000 for a simple ninety second video of our CEO, I realized I could do the same exact quality of video for a third of the price. So I started my own company.

Under my leadership, video production would be affordable to small and medium-sized businesses!

You don’t need Hollywood-type equipment to make a great video. I use best-in-class equipment that costs much less yet gives great results.

I can help start you on the same path to growth and success in the crowded market that is the Boston Metro Area, Cape Cod and Massachusetts.

Our Mission

We want to provide you with the best video production for social media in the Boston Metro Area at an affordable price. Our focus is small to medium-sized businesses with three or more employees/partners.

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We are located in Waltham, Massachusetts

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