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Quality Video Within Your Budget

When our CEO Ramon Bannister was a contractor for National Grid in 2017, he noticed that there was something missing. Even with its virtually unlimited resources and Fortune 500 status, National Grid did not have a marketing department capable enough to produce its own professional-quality videos. The tools for video production were readily available, but the knowledge and skills to use them were absent.

That prompted Ramon to launch Giraffe Video Production one year later, where he’d make available what even a huge company could not do on its own. Since 2018, our videos have helped companies large and small to enhance brand trust. We are a small team that believe in providing quality videos within your budget. We encourage you to review some of our favorite projects as you consider our services.

Our current foci are:

  1. Internal videos for large companies
  2. Legacy Films, a.k.a. family biographies for high-end clients who wants to document their lives for future generations.

Ramón Bannister

CEO, Legacy Filmmaker

Elisif Brandon

Elisif Brandon

Assistant Director; Founder of Elisif Photography

Tonya Sohm

Freelance Video Editor, Production Consultant

Your Memories

Think about what it would be like for your grandchildren to watch a video of you describing your life in your own words.

Let’s Meet

Schedule a time to learn more about the experience of re-telling your stories.