Videos Help Build Stronger Relationships With Your Customers

Tell your story. Make your videos snap, crackle, and pop in ways that will delight and amaze. With a keen eye inspired by Latin art and culture, Ramón Bannister brings your stories to life and broadcasts them online where they will be seen by the very people you want to attract. Using advanced yet affordable equipment that suits the requirements of small to medium-sized businesses, Giraffe Video Production makes you stand out. Whether you are looking for a 2-minute clip that showcases your business or an elaborate client testimonial, Giraffe Video can make you shine. Call or email us to find out if we are right for you.


We Help You Stick Your Neck Out So You Pop Out of the Crowd and Get the Attention You Deserve

How do you stick your neck out and rise above the crowd? In a world where there is so much competition, being different in a “sea of sameness” is a real dilemma.

I got my start as an intern in a Fortune 500 company. My video work made me quickly stand out from everyone else, as I excelled at producing high-quality videos for various departments in record time and under budget. People were amazed at my storytelling capabilities. But when I found out that the company paid an outside firm $4,000 for a 90 second video of our CEO, I decided that I would be better off expressing my creativity on my own. So I started my own company.

I realized that small and medium-sized businesses didn’t have $4,000 to spend on a 90-second video. I knew that I could get the SAME VIDEO QUALITY for MUCH LESS. You don’t need Hollywood-type equipment to make a great video. I use best-in-class equipment that costs much less yet gives great results. It’s completely affordable for most businesses.

I started Giraffe Video Production and immediately did a video for a non-profit as a proof of concept. The organization, The Right to Immigration Institute, received much more exposure than normal, and donations increased dramatically. They’ve been able to expand and now have 50+ volunteers, legal attorneys and staff, serving more community members than ever. As of 2018, they have a 90% retention rate for volunteers, a two-fold increase in enrollment in their accreditation program serving immigrants, and $41k raised in grants and donations in 2018.

I am proud to say that the videos I produced and helped them broadcast on social media and other online properties have helped make their fortunes soar.

I can help start you on the same path to growth and success in the crowded market that is the Boston Metro Area, Cape Cod and Massachusetts.


With Latino sizzle and an artist's flair, our three main packages help you rise above the crowd or record your events for posterity. PROFESSIONAL COLOR GRADING is included in all packages! We also design custom packages to suit your needs. Just ask.

Showcasing Your Business/Short Commercials

An owner describes their business and explains why prospects should put them on the short list. People want to connect with you, and that’s what we help you do. Anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes, this is a cost-effective way to show off your personality, a key factor in developing trust within potential customers. We can help you craft a compelling script, ending with a “call to action.”

This package can include music and other enhancements.


Starting at $597
$100 discount for more than 3 projects

Live Event Recording

Are you hosting a business or social event for promotional purposes or posterity? This is the perfect package for any business that wants to record a live event and post fun, engaging and informative highlights on social media. Or call on us for special occasions like a wedding and see your event brought to life with the flair of a veteran artist.

Types of Events

  • Business Networking Events
  • Business Socials
  • Real Estate “walk-thru” videos
  • Non-profit Galas
  • Conferences
  • Weddings

Starting at $997
(Real Estate walk-thru’s start @ $797)
$100 discount for more than 3 projects


This is the “cream of the crop,” where we record one or more of your customers saying fabulous things about you! Interspersed throughout can be you explaining your business and why your potential clients should hire you instead of your competition.

Included in the package is recording supplemental video – a.k.a. B-Roll – showing employees performing their jobs, clients showcasing the work you have done, or perhaps partners extolling your virtues.


Starting at $1897
$100 discount for more than 3 projects


Here are samples of our work. We aim for a cinematic look, or for our videos to POP to allow for maximum exposure on social media.

Customer Testimonials

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