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Giraffe Video Production

Specializing in videos for construction companies
as well as producing legacy films for high-end customers.

Internal, corporate videos and
Legacy Films

For the Legacy Video Biography, what we call Legacy Films, your life story becomes a family document in video form that will be shared with your family for many generations. This would be an excellent resource to add to your genealogy!

As the CEO, I prefer to think of our style as cinematic. It’s more than a marketing “buzz” term; it’s our goal. My aim is to emulate what I see in the big movie theaters: 1) excellent audio, even sound effects if appropriate to the project. 2) Perfectly saturated colors with a creative splash or subtle hints, depending on the film’s goal. 3) Natural skin tones that makes you even more beautiful than you are already.

In short, I want to produce videos and films that make you happy to have hired us.

Our CEO Ramon and a project manager from JLL

Why Hire Us For Internal Videos or Social Media Videos?

Since 2018, we’ve offered video production services that help bolster our clients’ brand recognition. We use high-quality cameras that capture the detail that you expect.

We serve clients in Boston and surrounding areas, including Southern New Hampshire and Rhode Island.


Ramon Bannister

Assistant Dir.

Elisif Brandon

Video Editor.

Tonya Sohm

Current Project

I am currently producing a documentary about a small team that was digging mammoth bones near Cheyenne, Wyoming. I feel very gracious that I was allowed to be there. I actually stood on a site where I was surrounded by fossils about 12,000 – 13,000 years old!

Past Clients

Corporate Clients:

Legacy Film Clients:

Jon Miles
Peter Wolf
Ellen Glanz
Howard Lasnik
Jane Rappaport

Mozart Francois

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Giraffe Video Production