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What We Do

We provide the best video production services designed for medium-sized to large businesses. Our videos will encourage your customers to consider your brand on a more fundamental level. Send us an email about your ideas and we’ll help you get videos on your website and social media. We take care of the technical video specs so that you can run your business!

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31 August 2021 

We will once again participate in the My Rode Reel (2021) international competition. Currently we are doing a casting call to find two actors. The script is already complete. In case actors cannot be found, a back-up project will be planned.

December 2020 

Since our restructuring, we produced a website video for a major construction company in the Boston Metro area!

Our Goal for Video

We strive for a cinematic-style edit. Why? The founder was heavily influenced by a presentation featuring the famous Alexa ARRI camera and Signature Prime lenses. Unless otherwise requested by the client, we want videos to have:

  • clear contrast between lights and darks
  • soft focus but sharp images
  • Customized color grading according to your goals
  • Obvious separation (contrast) between the talent and background
  • Natural skin tone
  • Prominent audio recorded with professional microphones
  • Purposeful lighting (either ambient, artificial, or both)

Have an event or conference? We  provide pro videographers for private & group events. Or, we can edit your raw footage.

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We are located in Waltham, Massachusetts

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